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Drugs and pharmaceuticals

New methods of dealing with the flu

новые методы борьбы с гриппомWinter is not only a long period of holidays, snow and building on the pedestal of new hopes, but also an endless stream of patients with SARS and the waves of mutating influenza viruses. Vaccination is becoming almost mandatory preventive measure to counter the disease, however, the media are full… Continue reading

The Foundation of good health and good health: vitamins

As we know, good health is composed from several elements. And good physical condition, excellent psychological condition, and most importantly proper nutrition. People have to eat, otherwise, all his internal organs in one way or another to signal that nutrients are not enough, and we ought to get.
Actually, why… Continue reading

Advantages of herbal medicine

Достоинства фитотерапииThe dignity of petteripetteri – treatment plants. Like any other treatment, it has its advantages and disadvantages. By the way, this kind of medicine for thousands of years, and still it remains the most unexplored. In America has created a center for complimentary medicine, which studied the effect of plants… Continue reading

Buy medication in online pharmacy: is it worth it?

Покупка медикаментов в интернет-аптекеLately online pharmacies are becoming very popular, and many residents of our country are already familiar with this type of service. Also noted that there are more and more online pharmacies with fairly low prices for medicines, for example, pharmacy online ekonomapteka.com where prices are significantly lower than in other… Continue reading

The treatment of burns

Discomfort from burns cannot simply be described in words. Depending on the area and power losses we may have a slight redness, which can be obtained, even having been only a few minutes under the scorching sun, and more serious problems. And danger await us at every corner – boiling… Continue reading

Transfer factor – vitamins for immunity

An increasing number of people suffer from various diseases, from elementary common cold to cancer. This is because in recent years is becoming worse ecology. And the way people live far from correct. It is clear that in this situation, the immune system is weakened, and the human body needs… Continue reading

What Supplements

Что такое БАДыAccording to experts in the field of physiology, absolute health of any person depends on 15% of the level of health in a country, another 15% of the genetic characteristics and predispositions. The remaining 70% is a way of life, the main component of which is the human diet. It… Continue reading

Select the pharmacy

Выбираем аптекуIn order to choose a good pharmacy, you must pay attention to the following factors:

-convenient location, close to home or work;
-whether an establishment is a dealer of well-known manufacturers of drugs or takes medicines in small batches – this factor significantly affects the final cost of the drugs;… Continue reading

The Danger Of Corvalol

Опасность КорвалолаAccording to the history of the creation of Corvalol is connected with the Nazi past in Germany. To increase the efficiency of his army, the Nazis tried to find a substance that will reduce the ability to feel fear. Over time, the drug was created. The basis of his composition… Continue reading

A little about Supplements

Немного о БАДахSupplements are not just a part of our lives, they burst in a torrent in the form of advertisements, enticing slogans about losing weight and so on. Producers of content attractive bottles guaranteed cure for all diseases and use only natural, exclusive, environmentally friendly and hitherto unknown component and raw… Continue reading


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