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ОжогиBurn is the damage to the skin, muscles, tissues, bones caused electricity, fire, or chemicals. Burns can occur from skin contact with hot liquid or steam. In medical terminology there are several degrees of burns, they subdivided depending on how damaged tissue and skin.
First degree
Burns of this degree is a superficial skin damage. Symptoms: dryness, redness may appear swollen skin. Burns first degree painful, but quickly pass, especially if you use the remedy for burns, damaged skin stripped off. Burns first degree develop, usually after exposure of tissues to the hot steam, hot liquids or sun.
Second degree
Second degree burns hurt a couple of the top layers of the skin, resulting in tumor, skin becomes red, also bubbles and blisters. If this degree of burn damaged a large part of the body, it is not excluded death. A doctor need to ask if the burn hurt more than six square centimeters of tissue, there are a lot of blisters, the damaged tissue in the groin, face, hands.
Third degree
Third degree burns are deep damage of the skin tissue, such burns can damage the muscles, fat, nerves and even bone. With third degree burn is observed dramatic change in color of the skin, it becomes white, red, black and yellow. These burns are very painful and severe treatment of burned skin releases massive amounts of liquid. Third degree burns require treatment specialists. After healing, the skin may remain scars.
For chemical burns of any degree, you need to see a specialist.

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