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Выбираем слингIf you have plans to become a mother or you are already in it, then most likely you are interested in tools that will help you to cope better with their child. One of such devices is the so-called “Sling”. About what it is and what device will suit you, and we want to talk. Of course you can’t say some similar things can be dramatically better than others. Pick up the sling under the particular physiology of the child’s weight and age. And already on the basis of these data it is possible to talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the main types of slings
The ring sling or sling with rings. It is intended to be worn on only one shoulder. He is one of the most popular slings as in Russia and in the world. How does this thing? It looks like a canvas fabric, which on the one hand there is the ring. Through this ring let the fabric so that it formed a pocket for child and bear his weight. The greater the weight of the child, the more increases the degree of tightening of the tissue in the rings. With this you can easily adjust the position of the sling so as it is more convenient to you. In addition, such devices modern manufacturers strongly improved. For example, added soft bumpers on the sides, and a soft seal in the shoulder, pockets and inserts, in General, are added things that give maximum comfort.
May-sling. This type of sling is suitable for those moms who plan to wear your baby only in a vertical position. It is sometimes worn on both shoulders – for this device there are two convenient straps. Great in the summer, especially if your child has a great weight.
The design looks like a fabric triangle in each corner with four straps. There are options with additional side straps.
The mother herself may decide as it is more convenient to attach a child to deal with straps and clasps not difficult.
Sling-scarf. Such slings allow you to wear them on the two shoulders and one. This option is recognized as the most universal, universal is singakerta. It looks like a rectangle that you want to engage in such a way as to obtain a kind of pocket, and where you should put your baby. The reliability of such a sling is provided with several additional layers of tissue that support the child’s bottom.

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