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Chromium in the body

Хром в нашем организмеChromium is the metal of a bluish or silvery color. Chemical compounds of chromium are always bright color. The mineral in air is not oxidized, and natural compounds with him called chromite.
Chromium is vital to the human organism, as it is in all cells, without this element is no tissue or organ. Normal blood levels of chromium in the body should not be less than six milligrams.
The chromium compound and insulin helps our body is much easier to digest sugar, chromium contributes to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, helps to transport proteins, supports a healthy weight, has a positive effect on the functionality of the thyroid gland, and stimulates the body’s regeneration.
Chromium is involved in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, helping insulin to normalize metabolism. The presence in the body of this mineral helps reduce the need for insulin. Therefore, a sufficient amount of chromium in the body is so important for diabetics. You can even say more: if in the body of chromium enough and stops the development of diabetes.
Important very chrome for normal functioning of the thyroid gland, as it can displace iodine in the case, if it is not enough in the body due to circumstances beyond human reason.
Chrome takes an important part in normalizing lipid metabolism, not giving to be formed in the blood accumulations “negative” cholesterol. And if there is a sufficient amount of chromium begins to accumulate “good” cholesterol. That is why in susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, it is very important to saturate the body with chrome.
Also chrome is responsible for a healthy weight, as it promotes full normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, helping the body to process fat.

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