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When people in ancient times had lost a tooth, he was considered already doomed to death. Often his tribesmen threw him alone to fend for themselves. Fortunately, the old times are gone, but still people without teeth in society feel some discomfort, and this is more easily said. They feel like outcasts in society. Teeth play an important role in the human body. But with the help of modern dentistry dental care is absolutely hassle-free and painless procedure that can afford each.
If you decided to solve the problem with the help of prosthetics, it can be divided into two types: fixed and removable. Removable type of prosthesis used, if there was a loss of several teeth or complete. The name can be understood that the prosthesis can be removed at any time. But a large popular dentures that are made from the latest and best materials. Today demand clasp prosthesis. Many people prefer nylon dentures, any discomfort they cause to their owners. Clasp dentures will cost more, as the materials for prostheses are quite expensive. But if such prostheses compared with nylon, it has a disadvantage clasp, that is, may be, intolerance elements of metal, which on standing next to natural teeth fixed prosthesis. If you have decided to choose nylon dentures, they do not have any allergic reactions to the character, but compared to the clasp dentures difficult for them to care.
Removable prosthesis is used only when there are no multiple or single tooth. Plus this type of prosthesis is based on the fact that life ends at the expiration of the unfitness of the prosthesis. In our time of great popular prostheses made of metal and ceramics. Also the problem of tooth loss can be solved using: crowns installed previously grinded teeth are stamped, metal, solid), veneers (ceramic thin plates mainly on the front teeth to give aesthetic appearance), bridges are used if the person has lost several teeth arranged in a row. That is, the model crowns attached to the roots or natural teeth, it is not a very positive effect on the health of their teeth.
Experts dentistry recently began to use implants for the prosthetic. Of course, this type of insert teeth will be much more expensive than conventional prosthetics, but this is the best option. In bone implanted titanium implants, but this method of implantation may give a guarantee for the resumption of chewing function and dental health does not deteriorate.
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