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Diet for a flat stomach

диета для плоского животаWant to be better prepared for the summer season and just to impress everyone who you and your flat tummy? This means diet for flat tummy is what you need.
Diet and physical exercise.
Just the diet for belly a little to better and faster to get effective good results. Try this diet in conjunction with special physical exercises and all the muscles in your tummy will become elastic. This is not a panacea for all those who want to lose weight, because the task of such a diet (in conjunction with special physical exercises) are the elasticity and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.
Follow very simple rules of your diet, do physical exercises and you will definitely get the desired result. Below are a couple of pointers relative to the desired power, which are aimed at firming and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.
Throughout the day you should drink no more than 450 grams of no fat milk, 150 grams of any fruit juice with a little sugar, coffee and tea (with milk, but with specified standards of the day), definitely no sugar, also plain water in any quantity.
The diet should be continued for 4 weeks, but after graduation, you should continue to consume these foods that have low fat content, but it is necessary to slightly increase the number of calories per day.
The basis of this diet that will give you the opportunity to show off your flat stomach, lies three meals during the day, which contain a small amount of fat. It is forbidden to do snack between meals. Among the huge list of banned products are such as: cakes, candy, other fats, butter, cheese (except not fat), fatty meat, fried foods, and meat products such as pate and sausage.
It is recommended to eat balanced, healthy meals 3 times a day: 1st Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast and the main meal, which consists of appetizers, desserts and main dishes.

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