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Diet for nursing mothers

диета для кормящих матерейSuch a diet for mothers who breastfeed, will help to remember that you need to eat “for two” and not “for two”, and will tell you what and what not to consume. You should eat healthy, fresh, diverse and digestible food. It is always necessary to combine dishes to include elements of groups of such products:

– Raw fruits and vegetables;
Products with grain, namely, pasta, bread, rice or cereal;
– Various vegetable oils and animal fats;
– Vegetable and animal proteins such as eggs, legumes, milk products, fish and meat;
Different carbohydrates.

Besides all this, an important factor for a good lactation is the use of a huge number of different liquids, best mineral water, vegetable juices or herbal teas.

You should worry about the big increase in your appetite, because lactation speeds up the metabolism. Therefore, when the need is great, you can even slightly increase the number of meals throughout the day. It is useful to eat more often but smaller portions. It will be good to try to plan 5 meals a day, this is necessary in order not to intermeddle in his spare time in the fridge to eat that gets you by the hand. In addition to a light Breakfast, hearty lunch and dinner and have 2nd Breakfast and afternoon tea — no fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

Note that different citrus fruits contain allergens, you should not exaggerate with particularly fatty foods that are difficult to digest (baked and fried meat, certain types of cheeses and sausages, assorted pastries), you should also pay special attention to a number of products which can become swollen (of many legumes, garlic and onions, cauliflower, and cabbage), it is necessary to limit the use of products that contain various preservatives (flavorings, artificial colors and different concentrates). It would be good to limit the use of strong coffee and tea, sugar and salt, hot spices. Also, not recommended to eat sour-milk products in a considerable quantity, because they are one of the reasons for lactose intolerance.

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