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Fasting days

Разгрузочные дниWe’ve all heard the expression “fasting day”. How useful these days that gives a day without food?

Usually “new life” trying to start on Mondays. Missing us at the same time, usually just for one day. Sitting on a diet, most can only handle a day. So you should live it for the benefit of its own body.
So what is so attractive about fasting days? They do not cause harm to the body. Most diets are focused on significant weight loss during short periods of time. In this case, the body enters a constant state of stress. Using fasting days, you can lose weight gradually, over a long period of time that protects the body from excessive stress. Nutritionists recommend to organize a weekly fasting day. This allows to optimize the weight.
This increases self-esteem. Every time, “leaping” to the diet, people lose faith in their capabilities. Introspection begins, resulting in depression, loss of confidence. To withstand fasting day able every. With time fasting days will become a regular habit and will be complied easily and naturally. This will give confidence in their own ability that would have a beneficial effect on others.
Unloaded digestive system. After a rest day, the bowel begins to function more efficiently, better remove toxins, toxins. It appears beneficial on the condition of the skin. The skin is purified and becomes normal color.
There are different variations of fasting days. Kefir, Apple, cheese. If you have decided to start fasting days, you can optimize all of your nutritious diet. It is necessary to consider and correct physical exercise, to make them relevant to your level of fitness. Otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the normalization of weight.
If you are susceptible to some diseases, be aware of the contraindications in the diet. Seriously consider the choice of product range, please consult your doctor.

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