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First aid in case of accident

Первая помощь при ДТПFrom timely, professional assistance after an accident often depends on the life of the victim. Therefore, in such cases it is important to remain calm and to help the victims to survive until professional medical help.
One should not rush to transport the victim to the hospital. Happen complex damage when proper transport is of paramount importance. Try to provide assistance on the spot, to wait for an ambulance.
If after the accident the victim lost consciousness in the car and he faces immediate danger, such as fire – out of the car. To do this, break the glass or open the door, unlock the safety belt, try to pull the victim from the car, without changing his posture. Better to do it together.
If the victim lost consciousness, check pupil responses, heart rate, breathing. If the heart of the victim has stopped, perform artificial respiration with the use of cardiac massage.
If you do not need immediate emergency care, put the victim on one side, you can spread the warm litter, for example, clothing.
If the car turns off, and the victim is conscious, leave it in the car and try to clean the wounds. Otherwise it is possible to inflict greater damage.
Find out about his health. Try to hold it in place, because, having fallen into a state of shock, victims often do not feel the damage. Not upravljati independently sprains, fractures. Treat injuries with antiseptic from the first aid kit car, cover with a clean bandage.
When the probability of head injury, spinal injury, place the victim on her back on a firm, level surface. Will help to avoid hemorrhage, edema cold compress head.
If excessive bleeding press down blood vessels by hand, tighten the tourniquet above the wound site. Attach to harness a note, specify the time of applying of a bandage. This is needed by the doctors, because the bandage should not be kept over one and a half hours.

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