«Мэри Бэль»

Gel that stops bleeding

ГельUsually the major steps of medical progress are made after years of careful research and development is a specific problem, as well as subsequent major funding. In other cases, the opening in the medical field can be a pure coincidence, a coincidence that will change the lives of people around the world. And only the last few years can be traced to persistent trend small team of pioneers submits on the whole world really innovative discovery.
That’s exactly what happened with Joe Landolina and Isaac Miller and their opening – Veti-gel. This innovative development is a substance that is able immediately to “seal” the wound is actually any severity and activate the clotting process.
In order to stop the bleeding of various types of special gel is applied to the affected area, creating a synthetic structure that mimics the extracellular matrix and by adapting to the natural substances in the composition of our epidermis and blood, helps the cells in the twinkling of an eye to grow next to damaged, preventing further bleeding.
A series of experiments on laboratory rats and even pigs proves that with the use of Veti-gel can be isolated and clogging not only external minor, but even internal bleeding. For example, Landolina used the gel to stop the bleeding from the carotid artery of the rat, as well as live from the liver, which was incised, simulating the rupture of the tissues inside the abdominal cavity.
According to analysts, if this product becomes commercially successful, and most importantly – will be approved by the international health organizations, it could save millions of lives, especially in combat zones. It is hoped that talented and vital development will be widely disseminated, and on the way to the implementation of the project will not become a bureaucratic obstacles.

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