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Hair removal using light unit: Epilation

Удаление волосков при помощи светового прибора: ФотоэпиляцияThis hair removal is suitable for removing hairs on all parts of the bodies, it’s worth noting that it is safe and effective. Photoepilation more than half a century used in medicine. This hair removal approved by the medicine. You can get rid of excess hair without pain and any health effects.

This method of hair removal you will be able to get rid of hairs on the thighs, legs, underarms, forearms, shoulders, bikini area and the face (chin, cheeks, upper lip). It should be noted that photoepilation can affect the body’s anti-stress effect, also faster regeneration of the skin and rejuvenation – due to lighting effects.

How does the procedure?

From the flash lamp to the hair follicle has a stream of light. Using such energy light bulb heats up, takes place after the destruction of the vessel that nourishes the hair. But it is worth noting that the withering away of superfluous hair can occur up to a week, but not immediately. The impact of such light occurs a fraction of a second, with skin almost no effect on the skin, but only by a whisker. The pulse length and the radiation power is always selected on an individual basis. It all depends on skin type.

Looks like the device itself?

Apart from the fact that this device can do hair removal, but also to apply for sessions photocoagulation, photorejuvenation and photopigments, as the basis of the procedures laid down the action of light. This is a unique device that can solve skin problems (age spots, spider veins, etc.) and waxed at a high level. The fully computerized device is a big plus, as with good accuracy, you can choose the settings that are needed (frequency, duration, etc.). Crystal phone has a decent size, allowing fast enough to epilate with a large work area. Ordinary light is used during epilation. Such light recalls the sunlight.

Удаление волосков при помощи светового прибора: Фотоэпиляция

Is there any harm from this method of hair removal?

No danger and pain you do not expect. No harmful radiation because it does not produce. With the help of specialized photographic equipment treat diseases of skin cancer at different stages. After a treatment you can imagine themselves to harm, if not to monitor the skin. This procedure eliminates any contamination, as it is completely non-contact.

But it is worth remembering that there are indications that it is impossible to conduct this type of hair removal. They are almost a little: diabetes, varicose veins (in the field of hair removal), light hypersensitivity diseases of the skin. However, about these features before the procedure you will interrogate the expert. Should turn to professionals and not to self, if you don’t want to hurt myself.

The period before and after epilation.

No special care is not necessary before the procedure. Just a month before epilation use a method to remove excess hair is shaving. A couple of days before the procedure to make the last shave. It is worth remembering that prior to the procedure is not desirable to sunbathe. Before epilation applied to the skin cooling gel, after lead crystal, but upon completion the treated area smear cream. You will be very happy with the result, after the first time, and by the end of the session. You can expect side effects, but in case you do not follow the recommendations of a professional. After hair removal is to use a cream with a high photosamity and in the weeks to avoid the sun.


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