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How not to get fat for the holidays

Как не растолстеть на праздникиIn our lives happens all the various holidays. When it is difficult to refrain from traditional pies, Olivier, chocolates and other sweets. Because it is almost Holy, and of the celebration without a feast, it is not a holiday. So I want to share with readers a couple of simple tips to maintain a normal weight over the festive period.
First of all, you should explain to yourself that you’ll take a step back from your own diet for this period. This is extremely important for psychological tranquility, when you begin to “take off” at the feast table. It is important not to limit yourself to food in anticipation of the holiday, waiting you can eat to satiety. If you do, you likely can’t control themselves and will absorb everything. And certainly more than necessary. After all the sweets you always want to eat more – eat the future.
Try to abandon incremental portions, when you offer them. Resist the persuasion to eat “one more tiny slice of this delicious cake”, are overweight then you will have to fight for you. Lock goal is to eat only one plate and to refrain from additives. Get rid of the habit to eat up the others. If your children have enough to eat food off of plates, means they are already satisfied. And you don’t need to “clean up” behind them remains. Perhaps later they all finish. Thus, you will not be able to eat more than required, and children will be satisfied. Children try to imitate adults, and to have a “private” plate at the table, which will benefit only them.
If abstinence from food is difficult – more talk. Talk to neighbors. It is very difficult to speak and eat at the same time. But if the conversation is a pleasure, the appetite will disappear quickly.
Try less to taste dishes during cooking and cleaning treats from the table. It has been proven that Housewives, serve cooked food, eat a lot more than they normally eat with the guests.

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