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If hair falls out

Если выпадают волосыThe loss of about one hundred hairs per day is normal. Whether to worry or not, you can define simple way: pull lightly with fingers thin strand of hair: if the fingers will then remain no more than two hairs, not to worry, but if more than two hairs, it’s time to take action.
Baldness no one is indifferent, detailed reasons for hair loss you can find here, we will talk about what steps to take if your hair is very intensively leave your head. But too early to panic, especially if you do not suffer from alopecia or abnormal baldness. Therefore, when the first alarming sign is the first thing to consult with a medical specialist.
The causes of hair loss can be both internal and external factors. One of the external factors is considered improper diet, especially for women who love to make fun of your body through diet. Lack of in the body of nutrients can have damaging effects on the hair follicles that do not survive laid them by the nature of the term. On the root of the hair also has a negative impact lack of vitamins and minerals. But even if the body is fully saturated with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that cause hair loss could be the alcohol, Smoking or taking certain medications.
Quite often, hair loss is affected by fluctuations in hormonal levels, for example, women such fluctuations occur as a result of pregnancy, taking birth control pills, menopause and diseases related to the endocrine system.
There are many factors that affect the hair, however, with all the variety of information from many sources, not advise to be engaged in self-test.

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