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Is alcohol affecting the appearance of extra weight?

Влияет ли алкоголь на появление лишнего весаThe destructive effect of alcohol on the body is definitely proven mental defects, reduced efficiency, addiction, liver disease, diabetes, and so on. Think of occasions when there is dependency treatment center alcohol treatment enough.

The caloric content of alcohol

For many people, alcohol is a kind of calming factor that also plays a prominent role in social practices and traditions. If you take a pure form, ethyl alcohol, the alcohol provides seven calories per gram, supplying the body with energy. It turns out that every use of alcoholic beverages increases the energy balance.
Alcohol differs from macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, the fact that supplies in the body of the so-called “empty” calories. Even worse, when alcohol enters the body, along with proteins, fats, carbohydrates – that alcohol becomes the initial fuel, and other elements lead to fat accumulation.
Turning to the center of weight reduction, keep in mind that doctors do not recommend to combine alcohol and diet, as the body tries to burn the alcohol first, fats remain, setting in the most unpleasant places.
If still no alcohol can not do, give preference to blame, at least – a strong pure drinks in the form of whiskey, Scotch, gin or vodka. However, the diluent should not be sugar, that is absolutely unacceptable adding soda water, tonic or juice.
The effects of alcohol on weight

Alcoholic drinks can bring a lot of trouble to people who suffer from excess weight and trying to get rid of it.
1.Alcohol provides the body the calories, twice the calories from protein and carbohydrates. It calories for just two more than fat, but alcohol does not have nutrients which promote the normal metabolism.
2.Contained in the most popular alcoholic beverages calories enough concentrated when compared with other products. This is the reason that you can eat much more calories.
3.In alcoholic beverages contain calories from different sources, which plusultra with each other. For example, in cocktails include fats, and beer and wine high in carbohydrates.
Alcohol removes restrictions

Alcohol is quite weakens the will, which man cannot control the amount eaten and drunk, and it adds negative consequences in the form of excess weight.
And last: alcohol stimulates the appetite, requiring salty and fatty foods, which is by no means combined with the fight against excess weight.

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