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Is it possible to get rid of hemorrhoids?

Можно ли навсегда избавиться от геморрояOne of the main topics of jokes on the medical theme has long been a disease such as hemorrhoids. However, those who have found hemorrhoids, laugh, do not want, as this disease does not carry anything funny, but only the inconvenience and trouble. Hemorrhoids is a disease accompanied by pain, discomfort and other problems.
But it is not necessary, learning about the diagnosis, you start to panic or lose heart, as hemorrhoids is not deadly or very dangerous disease.
How to permanently get rid of hemorrhoids and is it feasible?
The first thing you need to know what kind of doctor treats hemorrhoids and immediately go to him, to timely treatment and effective prevention procedures. Remember, the success of treatment depends on timely treatment to the doctor.
Physicians have divided the disease into four stages. At the first stage, there is no special external manifestations, as has not happened yet sufficient swelling of the nodes. The patient feels discomfort and itching in the area of the anus, it may leak a small amount of blood. When to see a doctor at this stage you are guaranteed effective treatment.
Proctologist (doctor hemorrhoids) will determine, hemorrhoids you or not, will be prescribed after the diagnosis of medication. If you start treatment at the earliest stage, you can have a few days to forget that it was you.
When running hemorrhoids, when it occurs the loss of nodes, treatment is complicated. Not a particularly difficult situation, if the nodes after you get yourself back to a place – here you can talk about conservative treatment and treatment in folk medicine.
The third and fourth stage of hemorrhoids is characterized by frequent loss of nodes, even at rest, and the place they will not be returned. Without surgery the fourth and the third stage of hemorrhoids is not treated.

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