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Laser hair removal: cost and technology

технология эпиляцииLaser hair removal, the cost of which is often more expensive than other counterparts, is becoming increasingly popular. It is practically safe for health and is used for all areas of the body. Damaging impact is exclusively concerned with hair. The skin will not be damaged. But have to spend several procedures. Because for once to destroy all hair follicles can not. This fact significantly increases the overall price of the issue. Whether it is reasonable for these costs?
What is the final amount?
To begin, let us explain why repeated sessions are necessary. During each procedure deletes only those hairs that are fully formed. So hair removal has to be repeated at a time when other sprout hair. This is done in a few months after the previous session.
The term “waiting” between repetitions depends on individual to individual and can range from one to four months. The number of operations required strictly individually, as well as the area requiring treatment. It is from this and is the final cost of the entire cycle.
It is worth noting that the salons often do discounts for customers who order multiple procedures or even a full course. Due to this, all laser hair removal, the cost of which is still relatively high, can cost cheaper. The final price will affect the area in which you want to process. Upper lip and chin will cost less, legs or bikini deep – expensive. Specific figures it is better to specify directly to salons.
How is the procedure?
Doctor cosmetologist directs the laser beam to the treated area of the body. Depending on the type of device, the device may be coated with a special cooling gel, or cooling effect has the device itself. After switching on the instrument the laser beam passes to the follicles from which hairs grow through the skin. This radiation destroys the roots, preventing further growth of unwanted vegetation.
It is likely minor skin irritation. In this case, will help the gel or cooling device. On processing small areas will take several minutes. A more comprehensive surface can last for hours. The duration of laser hair removal, the cost and frequency of repetitions depend on the size of the cultivated area, the number and quality of hair growing on it.
Immediately after the procedure, in the first hours, it is likely the occurrence of swelling and even redness. For getting rid of discomfort to the area of hair removal you can apply ice. The specialist who will perform the procedure and can even suggest a special lotion, cream or gel based on aloe. Sometimes even using light pain meds.
After the session you should follow a few safety rules. Until full recovery of the skin should not overheat. Which means that saunas, spas and hot tubs under the ban. And being in the sun, you need to actively apply a protective cream.

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