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Медицинский центрThe situation of medicine in our country has always been and remains ambiguous. On the one hand bought new equipment, using the latest technology. The media always report that in one way or another hospital hosted a Grand renovation and now, finally, patients will feel good, be treated with comfort and so on. In fact, things are a little different… Each of us, coming to the hospital immediately sees long queues, completely unfriendly staff, and the last repair, it seems, was done during the Soviet era. It’s strange, but the fact remains. All the latest equipment and modern facilities disappear somewhere as soon as a person crosses the threshold of the institution.

Many such situation’t like it, many don’t even trust the doctors who work in our hospitals, unfortunately. That is why people often prefer to visit private medical centre, and not in a municipal institution. Of course, this does not fit all. For example, pensioners are not always can afford treatment at a private clinic and they have to stand in queues for hours and wait for them to help. The situation is deplorable, but many owners of private medical clinics, not each medical center, but many go towards pensioners. Veterans are provided the maximum discounts and even free treatment. Is this good or bad? We will try to answer this question.
On the one hand, it’s very good, because someone has to care about the citizens (not only about pensioners), somebody has to provide quality services to put the correct diagnosis, how to treat, not to be forced to stand for hours in queues and so on. This today, and are in many private hospitals. On the other hand is bad. First, the services of such centers paid, albeit not very expensive. And secondly, after all, the state should care for the sick in the first place. We all pay taxes and have the right to be treated in public institutions. But the situation has not changed, the medical center is the only solution for most people. Someone will say that in the world there are many countries where medicine is only paid and very expensive. Yes, maybe so, but the situation with wages and overall quality of life in these countries is very different from the situation in our country.
Conclusion it is possible to do so. If you want to quickly and easily pass the medical examination and medical treatment, contact the medical centre, and if you want free treatment, but with many problems, contact the state hospital. Unfortunately, the situation is as follows.

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Директор Центра косметологииС 1998 года медцентром управляет ее главный специалист Поленов Вячеслав Алексеевич, пластический хирург, входит в комиссию ОПРЭХ, специалист в области лазерной медицины, лауреат премии Золотой Лацент.