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Medical rehabilitation

Медицинская реабилитацияRestorative treatment or rehabilitation is a system of psychological, medical, educational and socio-economic activities that are being implemented to compensate for and eliminate all kinds of disability of the person in violation of bodily functions.

In order for rehabilitation activities were effective and efficient it should be done as quickly as possible, with one of the main conditions is that the patient is comfortable psychological atmosphere.
What are the methods of medical rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a social, psychological and medical. In the literature often determine that combines two types in one, for example, socio-psychological or medical-psychological rehabilitation, we terminological jungle to delve will not, and will focus on the methods through which may be carried out rehabilitation activities.
Methods of medical rehabilitation

In recent years, in connection with the breakthrough in technology, a number of methods of medical rehabilitation has increased significantly, but the main of them are still considered the following:

  • physical methods (electrical stimulation and electrotherapy, periodical hypobaric hypoxic stimulation, laser therapy and balneotherapy);Medical rehabilitacija
  • mechanical methods (mechanical therapy and kinesiotherapy);
  • massage;
  • conventional therapies (herbal medicine, manual therapy, acupuncture and occupational therapy);
  • psychotherapy;
  • the help of a speech therapist;
  • technical means of rehabilitation;
  • reconstructive surgery;
  • the use of prosthetic-orthopedic (orthotics, prosthetics, orthopedic shoes);
  • sanatorium and resort treatment;
  • advice and information on medical rehabilitation.

Restore lost functions

A very important factor is the training of the patient to self-help skills already in the hospital. If medical rehabilitation started in a timely manner, it allows most patients to restore the ability to work, to significantly reduce the period of temporary disability and to reduce the level of disability.
A very large and important role in the conduct of medical rehabilitation of patients belongs to the medical staff middle managers. Psychosocial rehabilitation is an integral from physical rehabilitation. It is very important to help the patient to raise the emotional background and to strengthen the desire to overcome the consequences of the disease.
So, medical rehabilitation helps the patient to prevent disability and to achieve the maximum, when the state of his health, shape, and improve their physical, social, mental, economic and professional status, to integrate it into society. It is an active process that promotes full recovery of functions that are disturbed as a result of injury or disease.
If you cannot perform a full restore, then is a partial restoration of lost or impaired function.

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