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Modern massage equipment

Technical equipment of massage plus the result
Half of success in medical massage is the technical side. Much better will be the effect and the result if the office will be special furniture and equipment. Roller, hot vacuum and other devices in the hands of a specialist are perfectly suited to combat excess weight, cellulite. And treatment of muscle, epidermis and articular apparatus.

Specialized massage equipment can be divided into several types: apparatuses for massage, special furniture (couches, chairs and tables, Spa equipment, Spa pools, showers, baths).
Improved physiotherapy furniture is mobility design, flexibility and adaptability. Manageable sections (3 sections) and regulation table height (from 20 cm to 50). In the end, is convenience for the patient and physician. The perfect chair for physical therapy office chair with several types of programs (for relaxation, reduction of muscle stiffness and increase in tone).
Devices for massage must be created so that there were several modes of intensity and depth, which is not even available in manual therapy. This equipment is special and versatile massager. They have different functions: infrared radiation, vacuum, spot, roller.
LPG equipment – new invention of scientists, which allows multidimensional and deep effect on tissues. The perfect solution to the problem of excess weight, as it is fast and stable simulation of body proportions. Professional devices contribute to the return of youth, vitality, mobility of the musculoskeletal system.
Hot equipment is a machine that uses water for a variety of massages. There are a lot of massages, but popular ones are: vacuum, area, bubble, General, rotary, underwater jet (in special clinics jet).
The above equipment is used in medical centers for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal , nervous, endocrine systems. In addition, using this equipment it is possible to eliminate the consequences of injuries. Also widely used equipment easier, for example massage table cheap standing, so easy to use, but it is widely available. Use in gynecology and cosmetology, rehabilitation and sports medicine to solve different problems.

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