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Periodontitis: treatment and causes


Periodontitis is a disease that is characterized by an acute inflammation of the gums. The problem requires immediate and comprehensive treatment, otherwise the consequences, unfortunately, irreversible – this is an early loss of teeth.

Periodontitis: symptoms
Any inflammation of the gums can be identified by the presence of characteristic symptoms: bleeding gums, redness and minor swelling of the mucous membrane, unpleasant smell from a mouth. However, all of these are characteristics of gingivitis, a mild inflammatory process. Periodontitis is the next stage and the previous symptoms are also added new:

bleeding gums is a constant, and not only during brushing or eating hard foods,
an accumulation of plaque and hard stone, and he falls under the gums, which are peeled off the surface of the teeth, forming a kind of pockets,
very unpleasant, strong and fetid breath,
tooth mobility.

Causes of periodontitis
Causes acute inflammation of the gums in most cases becomes a running condition of the teeth, i.e. lack of hygiene. Enamel plaque accumulates, which consists of bacteria they destroy both the teeth and lead to gum inflammation. If the problem is not to get rid of in a timely manner, there may be unpleasant consequences in the form of weakening of the gums and move the inflammation of the ligaments that hold the tooth in this scenario, you receive the mobility of the teeth, the main complication of periodontal disease.
In addition, the health of the gums is also influenced by the General state of the organism. Inflammation of the mucous membranes may occur when the metabolism, hormonal changes, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes.
Periodontitis treatment
The treatment of periodontitis should only be carried out in the complex: be sure to remove all bacteria from the oral cavity is removed and the residue extracted the stone from under the gums (the operation is called “gingival curettage, which involves cutting and peeling gums – so the doctor can get to the root of the tooth and hold it clean). When the mobility of the teeth is necessary to fix them, connecting with a hard standing teeth in a row – this is splinting special thread.
Parallel to the medication – the drugs help the body to fight inflammation. Can be assigned to injection drugs injected directly into the gums. It is very painful but effective procedure that helps in the shortest time possible to normalize the condition of the mucosa. For the treatment of gum disease today is also widely used physical therapy: laser, magnetic current or ultraviolet light effectively compete with inflammatory processes of the oral cavity.

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