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Plastic surgery for hypospadias

Hypospadias is a complex malformation of the urethra, often accompanied by abnormalities of the internal genitalia.

The frequency of hypospadias, according to research data of various authors, 1286-1500 newborns. The lack of a plastic material, changing the size of the growing body of a child may create difficulties in surgical treatment of hypospadias, doing relevant to the health of people born with this malformation.

The aim of this work is to study long-term results of reconstruction of the urethra from local fabrics in a variety of ways. The analysis of the material for treatment of hypospadias in the urology Department, 1st regional hospital for the time period from 1962 to 1985. During this time in the Department were treated 84 male patient aged 1.5 years to 27, which forms a blemish was as follows capitate form — 22 observations, stem — 41, scrotal — 12, perineal — 5, hypospadias without hypospadias — 4.

For correction of the capitate form was limited to meatotomy, other patients plastic surgery was performed in 2 of the first stage plasty was carried out in 1.5-2 years, second — most in 6-7 years. Urethroplasty was performed in one of 3 ways D. Browne, S. Duplay, A. B. Cecil.

The distribution of the patients with hypospadias by age group of patients.

Age in years number of patients
1,5-7 51
8-13 20
14-19 9
20-25 3
older than 26 1

Surgical correction of developmental aims for straightening the penis by excision of the rudimentary scar chord, skin grafting with cutting out a triangular flap on the methodology of Limberg and the formation of the missing segment of the urethra.

The delay stage 1 operations 2 years of age can lead to curvature of the cavernous bodies, to impede the execution of subsequent plastic surgeries and the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.


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