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Plastic surgery in urology with the use of CO2 laser

Over the past decade, laser radiation has been widely applied in medicine, including surgery. Gas lasers using CO2 were used, in particular in dermatology and plastic surgery, when necessary atraumatic tissue handling, strict compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, careful hemostasis.

As shown by numerous studies, all of these properties of the CO2 laser. However, the effects of CO2 laser on the skin can adversely affect the healing of tissues due to high thermocoagulation effect.

To exclude unwanted thermal effects of laser radiation in skin-plastic surgery method photoservices preparation, which consists in pre-infiltration of tissue with a solution of novocaine with subsequent dissection of their beam CO2 laser. This method is used by surgeons in various fields for the last time and gives good results.

Another very important point is that the fabric, which account for transplanted skin flaps, are very often infected, have an uneven surface. Vaporizing pathologically changed tissue defocused beam CO2 laser, it is possible to achieve full sterility and smoothing the surface on which the transplanted graft. Thus, the use of CO2 laser in dermatology and plastic surgery is relevant and opens up great prospects for development in this direction.

We have set a goal to explore the possibility of having a surgery with CO2 laser in relation to urological pathology, patients with oleaginously and simple ulcer of the skin of the penis. Treatment of such patients by conventional methods presents considerable difficulties and is quite time-consuming, and sometimes unsuccessful.


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