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Pollen as a vaccine against allergies

Пыльца как вакцина от аллергии
Seasonal allergies be a real punishment for the majority of people on earth. Spoiled environment, weak immune system and high level of everyday stress leads to the fact that people who are not genetically prone to allergic reactions at a Mature age can get so depressing type of ailment.
Flower pollen is one of the most common allergens in the world. Huge “efficiency” of pollen as an irritant and allergen inherent in the way the structure of microjustice pollen. Outer shell is incredibly tough and durable enough to be resistant to the action of gastric juice and total destructive influences of the digestive system of humans. Once in the body, pollen continues to be active agents of allergies, and to extinguish at the time of allergenic fire is possible only by introducing into the body a large dose of antihistamines. The most unfortunate is the fact that the majority of anti-Allergy vaccines are introduced into the body orally, but because they can’t resist the acid of the gastric juice. That is, the vaccine automatically becomes useless.
However, soon people with allergies may will hope to make at least one of the varieties of the disease – Allergy to pollen. Researchers from Texas tech University are studying ways of using pollen as a means, on the basis of which will be developed saving antihistamine oral vaccines. The lead researcher on the project, Abraha of Harinder have a goal -“breaking” of the membranes of pollen for mechanical removal from their structure of allergens. Antihistamine vaccine will be introduced in a formed at the place of seizure allergens space. Thus, allergies, ingesting the pollen, thereby adopts a ready-made medicine that will enhance the body’s resistance irritating action of the allergen.

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