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Portable plastic lips

Портативная пластика губNever heard of the mouthpiece lip? Then we have something to surprise You. This is not a Smoking device, a special device, which will help get rid of wrinkles around Your mouth, just wearing a pair of plastic lips. Development, as it turns out, is not innovative, and similar fancy “boxes for lips” were popular in the early 1990s.
The device, which for its size is slightly larger than the average diameter of the silicone lips, comfortably placed in the mouth and behind the teeth. At the front of the mouthpiece has a big pair of pink lips-plates, which attach strongly to their owners look stupid because while wearing them stop working the muscles of the jaw. According to device manufacturers, such manipulations can tighten the skin and eliminate wrinkles.
Although the company Goldwin, manufacturers of fancy devices, claim that you can use the mouthpiece whenever You have free time, there is always an annoying thing – the user will feel uncomfortable wearing them in public. And not only because of the extreme unnatural plastic lip, but also because such a device is fixed in the mouth, provoking profuse salivation.
After a week of use the device, one of the polzovateley commented that she really didn’t notice the change in their appearance, though felt the tension of the jaw, which forced her to talk less and eat less.
This is another example of the silly and sometimes outrageous products that are designed to get quick cash from people concerned with the preservation of his own youth. Instead of wasting Your money on a device that, de facto, does not work, why not choose methods that could reduce the signs of aging? Yoga for the face or proper nutrition will be the basis, do not even hesitate.

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