«Мэри Бэль»

Preparation for grafting of large and giant postoperative ventral hernias

All patients were prepared for surgery first out-patient, and then by the method of stationary dense dosed banding of the abdomen in combination with an unloading diet, physical therapy, thorough bowel evacuation.

In none of the cases no complications that would be associated with exacerbation of concomitant diseases, was not.

Thermal and mechanical treatment of the skin flap, always gains in the area of postoperative scar from ovoid or racketeering incisions were performed Express method by watering the epidermal surface of the skin with physiological saline at a temperature of 90-94°. The epidermis was easily socalifornia, and subcutaneous fat was characterized by essakane. Was cut lip filling and auto dermal flap strip of a certain length. Flap always perpherials.

In the technique of the operation, special attention was paid to careful and painstaking separation of the true hernial ring, containing all the structural elements of one or another region of the abdominal wall. Failure to include the true hernial ring in General, opposing intra-abdominal pressure system resulted in recurrence of the hernia in two patients.

In the absence of signs of intestinal obstruction, there is no need to cut into meierhenrich adhesions, but the separation between their internal organs and grievin bag, gryzunami gate definitely.

Depending on the species, the size of the hernia, the functional state of the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems were applied to two versions of the operations, one of which involved the complete closure of the hernial orifice using autodermal stripes, the other is the convergence of the edges of the gate and then fixing the line defect of one or two autodermal flaps. According to the second embodiment operated 18 patients and 4 of them are fixed two perforated flap.


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