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Preparation for ultrasound

Подготовка к УЗИModern versions of the ultrasonic scanners currently have a very high resolution and multiple methods of analysis and processing of signals that are returned from the scanned body. However, this method is limited by the availability of tissues and organs only with adequate Windows in the acoustic range. As is well known, ultrasonic waves are poorly spread through the air, where the dispersion even at short distances. At the same time, the maximum effectiveness of such radiation can be obtained in a dense tissues with a high content of liquid. For example, these include the kidneys, liver, etc. But not all the bodies have similar characteristics. To ultrasonic analysis yielded the maximum benefit, you must prepare for it depending on what body will be diagnosed.

So, for abdominal ultrasound, and ultrasound of the pelvic organs it is necessary beforehand to put a person special diet, which excludes raw vegetables and fruits, regular milk, black bread for 3-4 days. You should also take the tablets with activated carbon in a few days. However, you should not prepare without additional consultation with a specialist.
If ultrasound will hold in the second half to, you should not eat at least five to six hours, and preferably 8-10.
Abdominal ultrasound to determine the function of the gallbladder.
Preparation analogous to preparation for routine abdominal ultrasound a few exceptions and peculiarities. So, you must make a pre-cleansing enema for a couple of days before the study, but not before the examination. In addition, you need to fill your bladder in one way or another – it improves the quality of the research. For this purpose it is necessary to take a half liter of yogurt or 200 ml of cream with a fat content of 10%. Again, it is better to consult your doctor, who will advise the ideal option for your case.
Preparation for ultrasound of the prostate should be in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. For immediate research ultrasound of the bladder is necessary for one and a half hours before the test drink over a liter of fluid are perfect 1.5 liters of juice, tea or normal water. The bladder must be full for the study. If the voltage of the bladder are very strong and cannot be tolerated, it should be emptied and drink more fluids. Again, this is just information. Additional you can get directly from your doctor.

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