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Reflexogenic salt massage

Рефлексогенный солевой массажReflexogenic massage and many other massages, originates from China, each day gaining more and more world horizons.
The impact of reflexogenic massage is carried out on important biological point with items of stimuli, to the list of objects stimuli include cigars, the impact of different methods and specialized copper plates.
According to the founders of this kind of massage, between these biological points and certain authorities established a direct connection, and when exposed to these points, you can affect a particular organ. With the Reflex of salt massages can, as mentioned earlier, affect the relationship between points and constituted authorities, to clear the energy pathways of interaction and set the tone of the work separately of each organ and the whole organism.
Massage therapists recommend this type of massage using salt. At first glance, this type of massage may seem silly, but the facts speak for themselves. To implement the reflexogenic massage salt massage it on the map to find a certain point that is responsible for the health of the body that needs healing.

Рефлексогенный солевой массажThe first stage of the massage will be the kindling of salt and applying it to a specific biological point. The next stage is the process of rubbing, so you have to push the melted salt, and hand movements should be done based on task. So, if the work of the authority should be run, there should be rotation in the counterclockwise direction for one to three minutes. If on the contrary, the work of the body need to relax or weaken, should be rubbed in a clockwise direction during the time period from three to five minutes. Thus, with proper massage, the organs to resume their normal work, and the human organism comes to tone.

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