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Rehabilitation therapy after surgery

After surgery, each patient must undergo a period of recovery. The duration of this period depends on the state of health, and what type of intervention was made. As the operations are different, and therefore, the recovery period will be different from each other.
Often very difficult transferred operations on the joints and spine. If you have made this type of surgery, the person long time will not be able to move. But if you use a special rehabilitation methods, you can speed up the recovery process. But patients and family member, you must be prepared for the fact that after the surgery treatment does not stop. The result of the operation depends on how did the restore and that did in order to put the patient on his feet.
Most patients want, the recovery period takes place at home. On the one hand this is good, because loving people around you, but on the other side of the house do not have the necessary conditions for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the intervention of specialists, equipment, and knowledge. So the doctor after discharge are strongly recommended to visit a rehabilitation center or nursing home.
Rehabilitation centers are the same sanatorium, where there is an effective technology, relaxation and comfort. Often patients choose centers away from the bustle of the city, where you can enjoy tranquillity, beautiful scenery and quiet. You can say that it is a part of therapy to restore.
What are recovery methods?
There are a large number of methods for recovery after surgery. A large part of rehabilitation therapy is physical therapy. It is a safe and gentle method, while it is efficient and beneficial effect on the human body. Only your doctor can decide which areas of physical therapy will suit you.
So massage. It is an ancient method of rehabilitation. Accelerates regeneration processes comes in the tone of the nervous system, stimulates the blood circulation. Additional effect happens the application during massage creams, oils, gels.
The next type of physiotherapy – physiotherapy. A simple and common tool for recovery. For many years this exercise allows you to recover from various injuries, strokes, spinal surgeries and not only. This gym is not enough, must be combined with magnetic therapy, massage. The exercises should be done under the supervision of a specialist.
Complex method – occupational therapy. A great tool for people who have experienced a stroke, spinal cord injury and paralysis. That is, the method is based on the recovery of motor activity. With this therapy, people learn to walk again.
Balneotherapy. This treatment using mineral water. The body is much faster to recover from surgery and to strengthen the immune system.
Treatment pulse currents – electrical stimulation. Used to restore and strengthen the work of nerves and muscles. This method is ideal for the treatment of nervous diseases, which are accompanied by limitations in activity and decreased muscle strength. With the help of current is the improvement of the activity of brain cells, there is a reduction of muscles.

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