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Some facts about plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a popular branch of modern surgery, which is in steady demand in modern society. However, it appeared immediately, and its process of formation has generated a lot of interesting facts. So, let’s begin.
The name “plastic surgery” comes not from the name of the plastic, and from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means nothing more than “shape” or “form”. Actually this is the main purpose of plastic surgery is to give the face and body a new shape, to give youth and attractiveness.
The first plastic nose plate was made in the year 600 BC in Ancient India. For recovery of the skin were used skin from his forehead and cheeks and nostrils were inserted two tubes of wood, which allowed to maintain respiratory function.
In 1794, in one of the British magazines was described one of the first successful plastic surgery. The driver Buffalo from India local rebels had cut off the hands and nose. Later in one of the Indian cities he had surgery recovery nasal plate, which achieved the desired result – despite the scars, his nose was able to recover. This case attracted the attention of European conditions, which gave a significant impetus to the development of this branch of medicine as a whole.
In Ancient Egypt, plastic surgery was used not to improve their appearance, and for other purposes. In particular, it was done in those operations, which, in the opinion of the Egyptians will improve their life in the hereafter. So, Ramses 2 nose was surgically placed in the bone and a small amount of seeds. This operation must help him different from ordinary mortals and to rule there a similar world. Also did many other rulers of ancient Egypt.

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