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Some of the nuances of the choice of the nurse

Некоторые нюансы выбора сиделкиUnfortunately, in our time, the disease is not uncommon, especially often ill residents of large cities and the elderly.

In some cases, only the operated or ill person may require the nurse. But to the choice of professionals working in this field must be approached very, very seriously. What you need to pay attention to when choosing such a specialist, as a nurse?
Starting the selection of nurses for the sick or elderly person, decide their requirements. In case your loved one is being treated in hospital, you can negotiate the nurse with the doctor, because they know what kind of specialist you need more.
Ask yourself the following questions:
-Does it matter to you is the experience or education of the nurse?
What help you need from nurses?
-Do you need a nurse coming or staying?
-What age do you need a specialist, physical appearance, nationality, special skills?
You can develop your own questions, which depend on the condition of the patient and the characteristics of the disease.
I would like to draw your attention that the nurse is not necessarily a woman, these duties can cope and male. And with sick men they will be able to find even faster, than the nurse is a woman.
How to find the nurse?
The most popular option is to use a specialized Agency. Company that respects itself and its clients very seriously relate to the selection of personnel who will provide quality care in hospital and at home. You will tell about the experience, education, skills all candidates submitting all the necessary documents. The most important advantage of the treatment Agency – your wishes and requirements will be taken into account when choosing baby sitting.
What are the responsibilities of the nurse?
The main responsibility of the person who is caring for the patient is caring for the sick, and nothing else. Care is:
-preparation of special meals, if required;
-timely feeding;
-keeping in order of place or room where the sick person;
-timely and adequate linen, garments, medical devices and so on;
-carrying out hygienic and medical procedures;
support the patient when visiting health facilities.

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