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Sports nutrition – assistance, not a meal replacement

Спортивное питание – помощник, а не заменитель едыIn the Internet you can find a huge number of articles on all frets raskalivaetsa sports nutrition and various dietary supplements for athletes. But every athlete must once and for all understand that you need to eat healthy and nutritious food, and with the help of sports nutrition to fill in the body lack of minerals and vitamins. Growth hormones and peptides for bodybuilding is specially designed complexes of the most important trace elements, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, which are very important for normal functioning of the body of the athlete. Sports nutrition is the helper and the material, which helps to build a beautiful body, but only in conjunction with proper exercise and a healthy diet. Also, experts do not advise to use only sports nutrition, since it is no part of all the body needs nutrients.
The main ingredients of sports nutrition:
The proteins. Special dietary Supplement consisting of a protein. It is used for increasing muscle mass and for its stabilization during exercise.
The amino acids. Amino acids are called trace elements, the combination of which helps to build a beautiful body and develop muscles. Special effects make amino acids after a workout, when developing a kind of “protein” window, during which the process of recovery. It is therefore worthwhile to buy peptides for use after a workout.
The gainers. Represent a protein-carbon mixture, which is used for increasing weight and restore the body’s energy stores. Gainers require athletes who are reinforced by training, during which very high energy costs.
Fat burners. These drugs are designed to ensure that the body was the active use of fat. However, it is worth remembering that without training, no fat burner is not working. Fat burners are various drugs created plant-based. Are overwhelmingly on the synthesis of fats, increasing their breakdown during training.
Minerals and vitamins. Vitamins are needed not only to athletes, and ordinary people. However, those who exposes the body power exercise takes a lot more vitamins. So many drugs in sports nutrition is the most complex of essential vitamins.

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