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Stitches after childbirth: when they impose?

Швы после родовIn man’s favorite topic of discussion is still military service. Women are very fond of talking about childbirth, reliving all the moments of painful process of birth of the child. It is clear: the strong floor of the war, weak children. However, as it seems the ladies, their stories are much more interesting. And it certainly is, after all, and obstetrics, which includes births, as a branch of science is very exciting. Here, for example, how much you can tell about the seams, which impose many women after giving birth for one reason or another. By the way, this is very informative information, expectant mothers should read it.

So, what is stitched at all? Of course, in order to seal the edge of something, the integrity of which was broken. The most striking example would be the delivery by caesarean section. This process involves the passage of a child through the birth canal, and its removal through the incision. Pregnant cut several tissues, including the uterus. Of course, then all that needs to be sewn. Internal seams are “soluble” threads, which are made from synthetic materials or from the small intestine of some horned animals. Such joints must not be removed, eventually the thread will simply dissolve. On the outer skin suture from a special thread, which after connecting tissue is removed. And yet even a caesarean section, and the most vivid example of the need for suturing, it is extremely understandable. Much more interesting when the natural course of childbirth.

After the child was born, the new mother to inspect. At this point quite often rupture of the cervix, which requires suturing. The latter are made of soluble material, so as then to remove them is almost impossible. The surgeon can perform the stitching as a continuous chain, tying the knot only in the late and early, and bonding the edges of the individual stitches. Pain in this case is not provided immediately after birth the cervix loses sensitivity. If the new mother met with these stitches, you can say that she was lucky. They do not require any care or any discomfort is not felt.

With the passage of the baby through the birth canal may occur rupture of the vaginal walls. In this case, just use absorbable materials, and also you need pain relief. The anesthetic can be injected topically, or intravenously. In this case, you will have a couple days to suffer pain and discomfort.

The most unpleasant “stitching” is recognized as the seams at the rupture of the perineum. It, by the way, if necessary, can be cut with special scissors, if for a child in a different way to get into the world does not work. Here use the normal thread. However, if the gap was deep and touched underlying tissue, carry out layer-by-layer stitching. Internal seams are made of absorbable thread, but the top layer is always out of the ordinary. Over a seam need to care, to conduct his daily antiseptic treatment, as well as to keep the peace, so that no seams has separated.

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