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The apparatus of shock wave therapy

Аппараты ударно-волновой терапииMore than twenty years ago for the treatment of various diseases of bone and muscle tissue were used shock wave therapy. This method was developed in the clinics of Germany and Switzerland. It is based on the use of infrasonic waves. Thus, a powerful shock sound wave causes the strongest vibration of bone tissue, that not only loosens, but dissolves bone fabroni and various febronie pockets. It is not a surgical intervention and does not cause any harm to the skin.

From the very beginning of the operation, the patient turns out to be a beneficial effect. So chronic course of the disease becomes acute phase. The apparatus of shock wave therapy to treat heel spur, Fillet, a variety of bruises, sprains, etc.
In the basis of the device – formation of acoustic waves through the skin to penetrate into the body and radially spread over the area of pain. The body reacts to the work of the staff and in the area of his work begins to increase blood flow.
The apparatus is easy. The patient sits in a comfortable position, after which the doctor found the problem area, lubricates it with a special gel. Then the device starts its work and soon will neutralize the hotbed of pain. The apparatus of shock wave therapy is not recommended for use in the treatment of people who use pacemakers and suffering from heart disease, patients with a predisposition to the development of thrombosis, hemophilia patients and children in the period of active growth.
During treatment device is not recommended to engage in active sports and gym, and for the start of treatment to the prescription or direction of the attending physician. In fact, before use, the device must undergo examinations by a physical therapist and may make MRI.
Treatment is absolutely not painful, in addition, you can adjust the dosage of the operation of the device. The treatment apparatus of shock wave therapy depends on the degree of progression of the disease in the body. Sometimes you need ten procedures, and maybe one. As prevention is recommended once a month to re-take the test. The device does not cause complications. According to the statistics that 93% of patients have long-lasting positive effect and this is an impressive result.
To purchase the vehicles shock wave therapy will not leave a lot of work. Of course, in each counter of the supermarket will be hard to find this product. It would be better to go to specialty stores that sell orthopedic equipment and systems. Or you can ask the managers of rehabilitation clinics and hospitals, on the purchase of the apparatus. At the very least, will help you Internet sites, they can also be ordered.

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