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The apparatus used in the field of cosmetology

Аппарат, который используется в области косметологииArsene D’arsonval French biophysicist, would never have imagined that his invention would be used in the field of cosmetology. Darsonval – the device that affects a person darsonvalization (electric human exposure). This unit is widely used in cosmetology.
Based on what the action of the D’arsonval?
The procedure is based on the use of high frequency currents. Effect on skin current pulses through a glass vacuum electrode, owing to what is called vasospasm, transient, and this contributes to the improvement of microcirculation and blood flow increases. Very effectively used in congestive venous manifestations. That is, after the procedure, the blood vessels become much more flexible, and disappears reporting and venous stasis.
The d’arsonval peculiar to the pain receptors to influence, their sensitivity is reduced to stimuli in the external environment. The device has analgesic and antipruritic effect.
The modes of application of the d’arsonval.
This unusual procedure can be used in several modes. If you use spark mode, emit ozone. This can be explained by the fact that the device has a bactericidal effect. If Darsonval used field mechanical cleaning, the skin gets red and inflamed. Also helps with acne and Golikova rashes – skin is dried.
Indications for use of this unit.
In silent mode the device must be used to reduce the wrinkles that appeared, increasing turgor.
If you are the owners of oily skin, then this device will help you to get a normal sebaceous glands.
Women with cellulite Darsonval will help restore water and fat metabolism.
As d’arsonval apparatus improves blood circulation, it can be used to remove spider veins and to overcome the manifestations of varicose.
Аппарат, который используется в области косметологии
Application methods.
Usually on problem areas of the skin lead the d’arsonval apparatus. Under the supervision of a physician in medical centers conducted a General darsonvalization.
In what areas is applied d’arsonval apparatus?
Scalp: the promotion of hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, the treatment of various types of baldness.
The area of the body: reporting, varicose veins, different stages of cellulite.
The neck and face: spider veins, wrinkles, acne, reduced turgor, sagging, fatty and pale skin.
What are the contraindications?
It is strictly forbidden to carry out the procedure, if you breach with blood clotting and bleeding, as the device improves circulation.
If there is benign, it is necessary to consult with a doctor or dermatologist. But in malignant tumors is absolutely impossible to use such a procedure.
During pregnancy, you may receive the tone of the uterus, as is current.
Individual intolerance to the impact shock.
This technique is time-tested. Nowadays, there are already compact machines d’arsonval with a lot of attachments inherent in the procedure is done at home. But before you use the device at home need a consultation with a beautician or physician.

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