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The development of sensor technology 3-year-old kid

Развитие сенсорики 3-х летнего малышаThe first thing that must be done by the parent with the new toys is to teach it to the baby. When this is done, leave the baby for a while one. The child will try to bond with a new subject of conversation. Having become acquainted with unfamiliar subject matter, the kid will try to play with him. Gradually the child is aware of the need of skill, i.e. sensors. Because toddlers are able to accelerate the knowledge of reality, they will quickly realize that you should do that and where to put, to insert, to put.
How to choose a useful developmental toy own child?
First, parents should remember that games are for kids under the age of three years, you should buy those colors with which the child is familiar with, for example, yellow, blue, red, green. Giving a child a toy, what are the names of colors in which the toy is designed, show your child the details of the subject, call number.
Modern interactive games, usually, equipped with buttons, parts of different colors, playing that baby soon will learn, please learn the names of the colors of the rainbow, which was not known before.
Pediatricians advise parents to buy these educational games to kids and to exert maximum force to explain the principles of operation of the toy to the child, its features. This approach accelerates the development of sensor technology, child development and improving faster.
Children who have not reached age 3 years, continue to practice the skills of walking, steadily learn to stay on his feet. So you should buy your child a toy in the form of transport, so you can ride or drive.
A useful tool for the development of vertical stability, development of the vestibular apparatus – slides for children. On modern playgrounds appeared colorful, bright hill-stairs. The child learns to independently climb it, reinforcing in the process the spine and muscles.

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