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The loss of hair. Causes and Troubleshooting techniques

Выпадение волосHair loss in limited quantities is considered normal and should not cause concern. But if the hair is lost not only proteins, but also just by touching them, remain on the pillow and clothes, you should think. Excessive loss was a good finish. At least, it leads to spoiled appearance and reduced self-esteem. And when you consider that the reasons may lie in poor health or wrong level of hormones, accretion is a serious sign to see a specialist.
When you start losing his hair profusely, you must determine the reason why this happens. This can be done, if testing for hormone levels and to examine the trichologist. It is possible that the reasons lie not in it, but in the wrong care and too aggressive the treatment of hair. Then you can try to switch to a more gentle hair, drink vitamins, nutritious meal and a good rest. These are the main principles, observing that will be able to restore hair. Full information on how to strengthen the hair can be read here.
Good nutrition is one of the main factors that allow us to preserve the beauty and health of the hair. If the body lacks vitamins and minerals, the nails become brittle, and hair lose their luster and begin to fall. At the first symptoms of deterioration, you must reconsider your diet. Perhaps the problem provoked diet, limiting certain foods. What can happen with your hair and how to restore them when the lack of vitamins, you can watch here.
The splendor of the hairstyles can be lost due to insufficient blood circulation. To stimulate growth, you can perform a scalp massage. Light circular motion will cause the flow of blood to the head, and in the dormant hair follicles will restore its activity. Head massage can be performed before washing, rubbing oil or special lotions. The second option is massage with a soft brush after washing. The cause of hair loss can be improper or poor tools for hair care. If the problem is noticed, you can try to change the shampoo, and possibly in a few weeks the hair will cease to be brittle. During this period you can use the rejuvenating mask, strengthening follicles.

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