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The preservation of health

Сохранение здоровьяToday the Internet is full of information about maintaining health. However, many publications cover only a single side or component affecting our health. Because health depends on water, which we used every day, from the air that we breathe daily, from our food. Important multilateral approach.
What affects our health?
The most important factor is the psychological state. Good nutrition, active life, fresh air is unable to protect us from stress. Therefore, a key point for maintaining healthy emotional remains calm.
The second most important condition for the conservation of health are regular exercise. Sedentary life disturbs the circulation of the body, because of this orany and tissues of the body receive less food. Slow metabolism causes early aging of the body, interruption in the normal functioning of organs. Physical activity, exercise optimize circulation, provide proper nourishment to internal organs.
Urgent need of our body is fluid. Without water our body are killed very quickly. For optimal performance of the body we need 30ml of fluid per kilogram of our body weight per day. In addition to the amount of drinking water, an important factor is its quality. You wouldn’t want to drink chlorinated water from the tap. Better to buy a water filter.
The need for a balanced diet is written in all books devoted to health. Choose a personalized nutrition program will help you nutritionist. Unfortunately, few use the services of these doctors. But these specialists are able to identify food allergens, to create a personal nutrition plan, which will be balanced and useful.
It is worth mentioning the importance of fresh, clean air. Proven that life expectancy is higher in organic than in smoggy Metropolitan areas.

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