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The transmission of infections through cosmetic samples

Перенос инфекций через косметические пробникиAmerican researchers found that on test samples in beauty boutiques, is a lot of pathogens – Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli.
A lot of ladies makes use of such free samples at cosmetic stores, not knowing how many people have used this pattern before them. In the midst of the influx of visitors, the weekend will not save even the fact that the composition of many cosmetic preparations are added special preservatives.
The bacteria identified in the samples, can cause a rash, conjunctivitis. Once in the pores of the skin, they multiply rapidly. E. coli is possible to pick up, if the sample is passed through the hands of the buyer, not adhering to basic hygiene. In the process of analyses identified other pathogens, fungi.
Test samples can be used at their discretion. However, there are simple recommendations, which will reduce the probability of infection.
1. Visit cosmetic boutiques during the week, when fewer buyers.
2. Trial apply funds on hand – palm, wrist. Please refrain from applying them to the lips, face.
3. Ask the seller a fresh probe.
4. Be sure to wash with hand soap before applying the cream-like probes on the face.
5. Wash your face and wash your hands after applying cosmetic samples.
6. Do not use the samples of lipsticks, mascaras, even if you can wipe them with a napkin.
Even at home there is the chance of catching if the household has General cosmetic products. Microorganisms can be carried through brush, sticks, and especially through saliva.
Contaminated cosmetics can be detected by the changes in odor, color, density. Immediately discard cosmetics, suspicious.
Keep cosmetics from the direct rays of the sun, because the sun destroys preservatives.
Carefully cover the lid cosmetics.
Ink change every 3 months.
If you are susceptible to eye infections, refrain from the use of cosmetics for the eyes.

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