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Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus

Лечение золотистого стафилококкаStaphylococcus aureus is the most dangerous opportunistic microorganisms, as it is extremely resistant to various antibiotic drugs. Microorganism can cause several other diseases: conjunctivitis, goiter, enterocolitis. This microorganism is able to affect any organ of the body.
The main sign of infection is fever, chronic sore throat, weakness, plugged nose, chronic cough, purulent plaque. Children often feel irritation in the throat, sometimes starts to smell from the mouth.
On the external condition of the nasopharynx pediatric otolaryngologist may suggest the presence of disease, however, for accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to take a swab.
To prepare for the taking of throat smear must first be prepared. Stop the use of antimicrobials for some time before analysis. Before taking samples do not brush your teeth, do not drink.
The analysis is done as follows. The patient throws the head up, opens the mouth widely. The doctor presses a little tongue flat plate to improve visibility of the throat. Then a sterile cotton swab gently holds the mucosa of the tonsils, throat. The results of this analysis show the variety of microorganisms that inhabited the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. We also determine the sensitivity of these microorganisms to antibiotics.
After receiving the results of the analysis need to find a competent otolaryngologist, who must prescribe a treatment and appropriate antibiotics.
The treatment process consists of regular gargling medicinal composition. The procedure is painless, although unpleasant.
To avoid contamination by S. aureus should follow some recommendations.
First, you must carefully observe personal hygiene. More walk, come out strong, varied diet and boost immunity.
Secondly, take a multivitamin, immune protection tools.

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