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Types of plastics eyebrows

Виды пластики бровейAn important detail in communication, perception of facial expressions, are the eyebrows, the change of which we can judge the mood of the interlocutor. The shape of the eyebrows is important in human form. To adjust it you can use different methods to bring a pencil, to pluck, to make a tattoo. However, it works if the shape of the eyebrows is not changed due to the deterioration of the elastic properties of the skin, formation of wrinkles.
In this case, to raise the eyebrows and upper eyelids half-mast, a surgical intervention. There are several varieties of such procedures: brow, coronal, endoscopic, temporal lifting.
Let us consider separately each of the procedures.
Endoscopic facelift is a new technique which consists in the fact that in the area of the skull, covered with hair, are inconspicuous incisions, through which, under the skin introduces a special tool and the microcamera. The microcamera need to monitor the progress of the procedure. During the procedure, the physician freezes the skin on his forehead in the desired position, thus there is a lifting of the upper eyelids, eyebrows, removed the wrinkles on the forehead, skin folds in the temple area. After the procedure, almost without leaving marks, or they are hidden by hair. The procedure takes less time than other methods of correction of the eyebrows, the side effects are minimal.
When coronary lifting the skin pulls on the hair line. In this method hair line is lifted, increases the visual height of the forehead, respectively, the operation is contraindicated in people who are prone to baldness. The incision is very long: the entire length of the forehead. This allows the surgeon to effectively correct deficiencies. In this case, the doctor can remove the excess fat, to trim excess skin folds, to tighten muscles, to adjust the shape of eyebrows. Such an operation usually prescribed for elderly patients requiring significant skin tightening.
Temporal lifting, as the name implies, is due to the surgery in the temporal region. This method is used when we need to adjust the ends, the outer edge of the eyebrows.
When the brow lift, the incision is made between the forehead and the eyebrow. After the operation the incision is stitched with cosmetic sutures, after their removal traces become almost invisible.

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