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General information about prosthetics

Общая информация о протезировании зубовDentures is called the process of dental restoration that cannot be dental restoration using modern filling materials. Orthopedic treatment is applied not only to restore the dentition using dental prostheses and to regain lost chewing function and the proper distribution of the masticatory load on the joints and aesthetics.
The absence of even a single tooth, as a rule, leads to deformation of the entire dentition in the vicinity of the defect is then shifted to the place where the missing tooth, and the opposite jaw is the nomination because of the missing support.
Not the best way affects the redistribution of the load when chewing on one side of the lower jaw and teeth. Inadequate chewing can occur due to the vastness of defects of the dentition, which as a result becomes the cause of development of diseases of ENT-organs and the digestive tract.
Prosthetics Chelyabinsk is a necessity in cases where the existing teeth are not able to perform their functions because of the destruction, reduction of teeth, as well as from an aesthetic point of view.
The modern dental facilities and clinics offer their patients a wide range of services prosthetics that are designed for different material standards of people, as well as any the complexity of the situation. There are many options to restore teeth, but despite this, the main types of prosthesis divided into two types: fixed and removable. When tooth loss is not significant, and the teeth that are left, are in good condition, enables you to consolidate them using a special fastening prostheses, using a variant of the prosthesis removable partial dentures.
If extensive tooth loss as a result of failure of such a procedure, as a professional oral hygiene, prosthetics is carried out using devices that detect the artificial teeth in the jaw. If it is not possible to fix the prosthesis in such a way as to restore the dentition implantation is used.
With the help of prosthetics can solve a lot of problems of man, to bring him back to a fairly healthy and fulfilling life, allowing you to smile and eat almost any food. But many patients are faced with the problem of getting used to dentures and implants. For each patient the term addiction is individual, some missing ten days, and some can’t get used within a few months.

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