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How to restore your health after the holidays

Как восстановить здоровье после праздниковLong periods of holidays is always reflected on the state of our body. Culinary excess, alcohol, lack of sleep often weaken our body before the start of the working week. What can be done to cheer up the day before work everyday? Let us give you some simple recommendations to restore the health of the body.
1. Good night’s sleep.
2. In the morning, after waking up will refrain from coffee. Better drink a few cups of strong, black tea. Add in lemon tea (if there are no problems with the stomach) and sugar. It will vitalize the body.
3. Take a warm shower. Stay in the shower as much as you wish. Dry RUB with a towel after bathing. This kind of massage will improve blood circulation in the skin.
4. Drink natural lemonade.
5. Again lie down in your bed. Sleep a couple of hours or just podemite.
6. Eat liquid soup, drink more tea. Try eating less.
7. Take a stroll on the street. This is an important point because our body needs oxygen.
8. Drink plenty of different liquids to recover the dehydrated body.
9. In the evening go to bed early.
Because after the feast, the body is severely dehydrated, refrain from drinking cleansing teas.
Absorbents together with harmful toxins removed from your body and beneficial trace elements. So try to refrain from using them.
Before work, eat a light Breakfast, drink strong tea. For lunch try to eat liquid, such as soup. For dinner fit easy vegetable salad or porridge, fruit compote. To restore bowel try a few days to eat more liquid food, and food containing a lot of fiber.
To help the body can and started to take vitamins. And definitely, throughout the week after the holidays, have a good sleep.
Just remember – holidays of the year are many, and the body you have only one.

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